MAPIM’s Establishment

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Background of MAPIM’s establishment (27-28 october 2007)

The idea of MAPIM establishment was initiated in a resolution document named, “Consensus Declaration of Veranda of Mecca” (CDVM) 2007. CDVM 2007 was introduced in the national conference of Malaysia’s Islamic Organizations in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Moved by congress secretariat of Malaysia’s Muslim with the association of state government of Kelantan Darul Naim. Participated by 500 representatives from 78 Islamic organizations of state and national level. As the conference ended, congregates were clearly understood that all movers of the Islamic Organizations must realize the importance to act as one strong line to elevate the status of muslims and strengthen the status of Islam in this country.

The conference continued in Ipoh, Perak on Ramadhan 1429H (2008). MAPIM’s methods and guidelines were accepted in the meeting. This breakthrough has clarified MAPIM’S structure and its movement mechanism. On 1st Muharamm 1431 H (2009) second conference was held in Pendang, Kedah and this is when MAPIM was officially initiated.


Mission Statement

To create an effective, sustainable and agreeable networking that can uplift ummah dignity to its righteous place. To assemble an organized row between all Islamic Movement for the sake of Allah alone.


Core Value

Conducting campaigns to handle countless issues faced by muslim domestically and globally. We work as a coordinator that facilitates efforts and activities by Islamic Organizations and its activists. MAPIM will actively voicing out muslim related issues and act as an umbrella organization of Islamic NGO’s such as SHURA, TERAS, SALIMAH, JIM, ABIM, ISMA, PUM, GAMIS et al.



We work on sole objective that is to rebuild the whole community entirely and strongly base on the principles of Al Quran and As Sunnah.


Philosophy of MAPIM

We strongly believe that, “Everyone is a caliph on earth”. This could be realized through Islamic propagation accompanied by actual prove.


Our Commitment

  • To increase the efficacy of Islamic organization movement that contribute to uplift the standing of Islam.
  • To congregate a massive strength from Islamic NGO’s to work in a well organized and well ordered system towards earlier objective.
  • To enhance integrity within Malaysia’s Islamic NGO’s as a respected and authorized association that fights for social justice and democratic rights.
  • To manage programs on enhancement of moral and civic consciousness through education and propagation to the level of creating an Islamic society. This effort will be a paragon of moral and virtue.
  • To concentrate aid and effort towards oppressed society, racial minorities which endure social injustice, harsh and authoritarian treatment.
  • To provide persistent advocacy and consultancy to ensure the success of transformation of communities and nations system until Islamic justice establishes its way as an alternative.